Principal’s Message

校長挨拶 日本語版はこちら

Encouraging our students to live flexibly for an unpredictable future

What will the world be like in ten years when your daughters are adults and active members of society?

Six years in high school is an important and challenging time, when students develop the skills and strength that are necessary for striving in an unpredictable future.  In a society that is becoming more diverse, we are required to gain the ability to relate to others in many situations.  Miwada Gakuen aims to encourage our students to become women with integrity and intelligence, specialists and generalists who respect and live harmoniously with others.

Girls’ Education with a long history and tradition

Miwada Gakuen celebrated the 133rd anniversary of its founding this year.  It was founded in 1887, in the dawn of a new age of girls’ education when missionary schools and vocational schools for girls started.  The founder, Miwada Masako established our school in order to pursue academic learning for girls.

Since its foundation, we have been giving our students opportunities to be intelligent, honest and self-reliant, while providing moral, physical, artistic and philosophical education alongside traditional academic education.  We have been maintaining this tradition for more than 130 years.